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To build a strong brand and become the leading manufacturer and provider of customized hand-made athletic apparel and all types of personalized sports uniforms - custom basketball uniforms, customized football uniforms, baseball uniforms, soccer uniforms, rugby uniforms, volleyball uniforms, lacrosse uniforms, and tennis uniforms. Initially, in the United States and eventually, to the rest of the world.



1. We will render the friendliest customer service regardless of the amount or quantity ordered.

2. Exert all our efforts to establish rapport, with a goal of developing good relationships and creating customer satisfaction at any given time.

3. Relentlessly explore new ideas and strategies to give better quality service in all areas possible.

4. Deliver the finest quality products needed at competitive prices in a timely fashion, and

5. Ensure profitability by attaining the company's targets and goals each year.



Our brand Wagadoo®, was established by long time friends and business partners, Paul Daza and Don Raymundo, who are themselves athletes and sports enthusiasts during their active years. Under their leadership, together with a select professional managers, and, in partnership with our valued customers and dealers...Wagadoo® existed and managed to develop a solid reputation in the sports uniform industry as a "premium quality brand", and consistently brought significant and progressive revenue earnings for the company, year after year.

The company employs a dynamic and competent workforce composed of office and production personnel, with years of solid experience in the garment manufacturing industry, who are ready to serve our customers and dealers' demand for quality service, production output and, on-time deliveries.

As far as serving the sports uniform market is concerned, our company has almost a decade of experience and reputation in making the finest quality hand-made ATHLETIC APPAREL and all types of TEAM SPORTS UNIFORMS - custom basketball uniforms, customized football uniforms, baseball uniforms, soccer uniforms, rugby uniforms, volleyball uniforms, lacrosse uniforms, and tennis uniforms under the Wagadoo® label, which has become synonymous to quality excellence, durability and the friendliest customer service.

Wagadoo®, has now become the premium brand of sportswear mostly preferred by Sports League, Sports Tournaments and Athletic Organizations in the US, and it is expanding rapidly towards the global market.

Collectively, the owners and managers of the company has over 30 man-years of experience in the business having established and managed various operations revolving around garment manufacturing and marketing.



When you transact business with Wagadoo®,, we will treat you with utmost care and respect. While it's true that we are not perfect, we promise to be honest in all our dealings and tell you the truth whatever conditions we have. And, we guarantee and stand behind our products 100%, or your money back!

Our goal is to provide the best quality service available..... so, what are you waiting for?

CALL US NOW for your requirement of personalized sports uniforms  while playing either basketball, football, baseball, soccer, rugby, volleyball, lacrosse or tennis !!!



For Quotations, Orders and General Inquiries

Mr. Don Raymundo - - 1-949-874-7997 or 323-201-2885