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How long do uniforms take to make?

Since every order is different, production starts only upon customer approval and a 50% down payment has been made. Since our Power Buys are available styles and only fabric colors and team names will be customized, items will be delivered to your doorstep in 3 weeks. Our Customized orders will take 4 weeks as we take into consideration the development for each style. All order due dates are made to ensure that we give you the best quality uniforms at all times.

Do you embroider?

Yes. We do 2 types of embroidery :

  1. Computerized Embroidery which we use for making your team logos into patches, and
  2. Manual Embroidery which we use for your team names. This process is used to attach the tackle twill material to your uniforms. A process painstakingly done, letter by letter, by our highly-skilled embroiderers.


What is tackle twill?

These are the fabric material used for creating your team names and numbers. Unlike screen print, this material makes your teams jerseys stand out and will still look brand new way after your season ends. They come in shiny and matte varieties depending on the look you want to achieve- our designers will suggest which material would look best for your uniform. Making and preparing tackle twill letterings is one of the most important processes that our production team has mastered.

Each fabric is starched and dried stiff as preparation for the laying of your teams letter and number patterns. The letter pattern is then carefully traced on the fabric and cut piece per piece by our letter artisans. When all letters have been cut, they are then positioned on each jersey and embroidered in our high-speed machine by our skilled embroiderers.

Most parts of this process are made by hand so it takes longer than screen printing, but we believe and all our customers agree that its all worth-it!

What kind of design services do you offer?

Wagadoo lets you participate in the design process by offering FREE sketches of your uniform order to help you visualize how your uniform is going to look like.

Dont have a team logo? Our graphic designers will help you come up with unique logos or team crests, just let us know what you have in mind and we'll do the rest for you!

What does interactive design process mean?

We call it our interactive design process because we get you involved in every important part of designing your uniform. Once you have approved the uniform sketch, we proceed with making an initial sample and take shots to send to you via e-mail. We take note of your comments and start production of your team uniforms. The internet technology allows us to reach you anytime and gives us the opportunity to personalize our service to you. This makes all our customers not only taking active part in the process but secure in the fact that you get what you want. It's just as if your uniforms are being made at the comforts of your home!

Do you screen print?

Yes, Wagadoo now accepts screen printing designs for your uniforms. The price is less expensive than tackle twill.

Does the uniform pricing listed on the products page include tackle twill already?

The pricing on both Power Buys and Customize section is inclusive of packages listed at the products page. Anything requested that is not in the list will incur additional charges.

How do I make sure that my players order the right size?

You may request a sample fit kit containing all sizes to determine your size. Measure your team and return the sample fit kit to the agent assisting you or back to our L.A office.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do ship outside the United States. A price quote is provided for all international shipments. Please e-mail or for more information.

What is your return policy?

Please check our privacy page for our policy.