The Dallas Cowboys of the NFL original nickname is the "Steers." Weeks after, they changed it to "Rangers". It has the same name with the Dallas' baseball team. The team was supposed to fold before the 1960 football season. Obviously, it didn't fold and the baseball team decided to play one more season. Two owners of the NFL team, Clint Murchison Jr. and Bedford Wynne, decided the name "cowboys" once and for all. Thus, avoiding confusion especially for team football uniforms. FAQs of NFL fans include how they get their names. The site gives a brief history of NFL teams. This includes Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos, New York Giants and the list goes on for football customized uniform.

An article written in New York Times recently claimed that there is a great increase in demand for women's sports clothing. Women have become more active in outdoor sports, explaining this occurrence. Sports like golf and tennis are now fancied by women. Each sport needs customized sports clothes. Twenty years ago these kinds of sports were not sponsored by women. Today's time it is very visible that women who do not play outdoor sports wear this fashion as if they do.