At present, a big clientele want the new type of clothing that tightens the muscle and transform the shape of a person simply by wearing sports uniforms or apparels. This kind of sporting clothes focuses on one's core muscles. These core muscles are difficult to train by normal exercise. Today's health and beauty boom includes different exercises. Part of the perk is to wear custom made clothes and uniforms. This becomes an attractive option.

In recent world of sports, everybody prepares for the 2008 Olympics that will be held in Beijing. All countries, prepare for this monumental event. An important fraction is the custom made jersey of every team. One of the uniforms unveiled is the cheer leading uniform of China which is in the colors of the Chinese flag. The red color symbolizes friendly reception and the yellow color is luck for victory.

Canada has just unveiled their team uniform for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The team uniforms are made up of eco-friendly fabrics and designed with a fusion of Canadian and Chinese symbols. The colors of the team uniform are composed of red and white, which are made from bamboo and organic cottons. Further, it contains super-light material that will help athletes stay cool. Beijing might have high temperatures on the Olympic's date.

Fashion director Suzanne Timmins from Hudson's Bay Company, the person in charge with design, noted that '8' is the most important element to be used. The mentioned digit is a lucky number for the Chinese. The games begin on the eight day of the eight month, in the year 2008, on the eight hour, in the eighth minute and possibly on the eighth second.

The B-Tube was also added to the custom team uniform. This is a sun-blocking polyester tube that is worn as head cover, a hair band or mask. It filters out dirty particles in the air.

From down under, the Australian Olympic Committee has released their custom sports team uniform. Classic, lightweight tailored wool suits in dark blue will be sported by the members of delegation.

The Australian coastline was used as an inspiration in the sports uniform illustrated by subtle blue pinstripe. The nation's sporting colors, green and gold, are the main colors used for accessories.

Trousers or a paneled tulip skirt that goes with the navy blue leather belt and silver handbag will be worn by the women and "Beijing 2008" is clearly visible on all the uniforms.