Further, we have the shorts and it has many variations for sports uniforms. This sports apparel are worn both by men and women over their pelvic area, circling the waist, and covering the upper part of the upper legs up to waist. It could go as low as the mid0calf but not covering the entire length of the leg, or else they will be called pants. These can be worn either as outer of undergarment.

Sports shorts have many styles. Board shorts are a combination of shorts and swimsuits and traditionally worn by men. Many designs are made in today's time. Bun huggers are athletic shorts and also known as "racing briefs"made for women. These are commonly made form spandex or nylon and barely go down past the buttocks. Bun huggers are also used for volleyball and claimed that their tight fit gives athletes and unhindered range of motion that is necessary in sports.

In addition to sports are culottes and not only have the French worn this attire. This is a divided skirt that resembles a pair of loose-cut shorts. These were popularized as a practical horse and bicycle-riding garment. Recent times call for cycling shorts as "bike shorts" to reduce chafing while cycling. It has become an active wear and street wear for younger women.

Gym shorts are mainly made of cotton, spandex and polyester. These shorts are commonly composed of a cord sewn in. This functions to tighten the waist. This sportswear is often used in gym class, hence the name. It is best for little league baseball uniform and high school sports uniform. The length of this pair runs just above the knee or just below the knee. However, in the 1970s and 1980s US Gym shorts were often form fitting and longer than boxer shorts. Another athletic style of shorts is the dolphin shorts. These are notable for visible binding of an often contrasting color. The side view of the binding of each leg's lower hem resembles the shape of the dolphin tail. They are like gym shorts that have a cord sewn in to be tied at the front of the waist, popular in the 1980's. This can be used for customize basketball jersey.

For customize team uniform shorts, wearers can add running shorts. These shorts reach only the upper thighs and intended utmost autonomy of movement in sports activities