I. Introduction

In recent times, citizens of all nations are taking part in individual or team sports of all kinds. These may include football (association, American or rugby), basketball, tennis, baseball, bicycling or jogging. Unusual sports such as bungee jumping, hang gliding and wake boarding have also been taken notice.

It is evident that people are enjoying more leisure time and that there is stress on being trimmed and having well-developed bodies, thus, sports have become significant in everyone's life.

There is evident significance that people have invested money, time and energy in gym memberships, sports equipment and personalized sports uniforms such as custom basketball uniforms, customized football uniforms, baseball team jerseys and soccer team jerseys

As a result, it is the latest fashion to be clothed in sports style. Sports logos and athletic fashions are in everybody's wardrobe to give the impression that they are involved in sports.

II. Definition

It is important to know the terms and definitions in your chosen sports. One of the most significant factors to learn in the area of sports whether in practice or the actual game is the sports uniform. This will gear an athlete more for improved sporting capability or even make fashion sense better.

A kit or a uniform is a set of  customary clothing worn by members of an association while participating in that association's doings. Professional teams wear kit or uniform. A kit or a uniform is transformed into personalized sports uniforms by having distinctive colors, printed designs and their team's logos. Recent times have made teams compromise two sets of kits for "home" and "away" games. The term "kit" or "strip" are used widely in United Kingdom such as the term 'football kit'.

The standard apparel worn by athletes in association football is delineated as 'football kit'. The sport's Laws of the Game indicate the least kit which the athlete should use. It is also the law to prohibit the use of anything dangerous to the athlete and the other participants. In addition to this, individual competitions may require to regulate the size of the logos displayed on shirts. The "away" team must change their kits if both teams are wearing the same or similar colors in the event of the match between teams.